Monday, December 10, 2012

to free myself of you...

We hurt in loving someone because we know that someone doesn't feel the same way. It's funny it hurts. It hurts because we know we can't do anything to change that. We don't have the power to change someone's feelings.

The time we had,
the time we shared,
is the time now passed by.
All those time--
I think it was just me,
so I'm pulling away
from this feeling,
from you.
Though I won't stop caring for you,
cause all I want is happiness for you
that I know God will give
in His time, by His will.
But I resolve to free myself
of thinking about you
and how you made me feel
during those days that I've made
as memories
but only for me:
you're only created for my mind.

How frustrating it is now
that it happened again
like the last time I fell so hard.
But now, you're just in my dreamland.

The way to freedom
is to let go of the things
that aren't really mine.
So I'm letting go
of you from my mind.
That way, I'll be free
to live and to love.
But I'm still hoping in that hope,
in that love that would go my way;
that someday that hope will come
your way, love leading to me. ♥

I love this one...coz it's true :D

aw yeah.. why am I here? Puyat mode ako ngayon because of our thesis. FB - Twitter - Youtube - Google+ - Wordpress - Biblegateway - Yahoo - Blogspot ... Yan lang naman ang binibisita ko regularly.

And what's with the random quote and poem??? ...Ang hopeless romantic ko talaga o.. T_T Well, kelangan ko lang ng outlet. Ganyan talaga ako-- ginagawan ko ng tula ang nararamdaman ko, lalo na pag sobrang intense. Sometimes it works through words; sometimes it isn't enough to describe the feeling. Sa kanta nalang nadadaan kung minsan. But writing poems is my way to express something. Most of the time it's in free verse, para mas madali. Pag kasi rhyming, inaabot ako ng ilang oras :D

Back to Puyat Mode~ pinagpapagawa ako ng model movement, kung saan-saan ako tumatambay, haha. May pasok pa ko ng 10:30 am. Argh!


//poem (c) 12-10-12//

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