Friday, December 7, 2012


waiting for you...

Hey, it's been a while since
I felt this way--
heart racing and jumping
at the thought of you;
lips smiling
when thinking of the times
we were together;
butterflies in my stomach--
yeah, like crazy.

...O! How I wish it could be
really real,
that you are the one for me.
How I hope that I'm
the one for you, too.

Are you thinking of me, too?
Are you missing me, too?
Are you wanting to see me again?
to be with me again?
to talk to me again?
I try to deny,
I try to pretend
that what I'm feeling now
is just a premature one--
fueled by the time we met,
the time we spoke,
the time we laughed with each other
once again.

Are you waiting for me, too?
Because I am.
And it hurts.

//gRaY (c) 12-07-12//

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